I am that dark cloud on the horizon I am the 5% of mercury your Brita doesn’t filter out I am the Brunt Ice Shelf I am 5 dead cops in Dallas I am everything that will never be known I am Henry Kissinger’s bloated corpse the ghost of Alan Vega a bullet in the head I am here running on empty tense & nervous can’t relax I am plastic in your blood plastic in your brain plastic in your ocean little pieces of plastic floating in space I am a mass extinction event I am the reason you’re depressed teenage suicide mass murder a black boy killed by police a black girl slammed against a wall captured on camera millions of human beings locked in cages millions of human being locked in cages every dead child raped, tortured, and killed in Iraq limbs blown off faces blown off genitals blown off the stock market is up it’s Amazon Prime Day Hurry NOW for Extreme Savings! I am that dark cloud on the horizon curtain of death house on fire consequences I am not who you think I am I am what happens when you think you can get away with it and when the power goes out and everything is dark you’ll see me with a knife forged in napalm glowing

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